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the truth is we'll all be fine

we refuse to live in black and white

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Name:the_neverenders - fans of Frank Iero
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Community description:fans of Frank Iero
We are fans of Frank Iero. We are called the neverenders.

We are evolving.

All members are welcome and encouraged to post!

A couple of things to note:
- We still talk about My Chemical Romance! The majority of Frank's fans came to know his work because of that band. There is no reason we can't still talk about them. We love all the former members of the band and their significant others and we are happy to talk about them all. Their current projects are of interest to us and comments/posts may be made that are solely about one of the other band members.
- We are a fan community with a focus on fanworks! We love fanworks of all kinds and that includes fanworks about fictional pairings. Any kind of Frank-related fanwork you want to share or discuss is welcome here.

Frank wrote a song about all of us. He wrote it in his basement. It goes like this:
everybody’s got something to say about your life and choice you made. they see the world through tired eyes, and we refuse to live in black and white. but i’m not on anyone’s side. feel free to count me out. i don’t believe in anything. i’m so sick of everything. everybody’s got something to say, and then they wonder why you run away. they’re trying hard to steal your innocence, and fill your head with their ignorance. the truth is i’m just fucking existing. the truth is i’m just trying to survive. the truth is i got a problem listening. the truth is i’m getting by. everybody’s got a fucking scheme, to steal our hearts right from off our sleeves. but i’m at peace with who i am, and i’m at war in my own head. i’m not unlike you, i just dislike you. i’m not pathetic, just sympathetic. everybody’s got something to say, so concerned with the life i’ve made. you wear us down with your fear and hate. i’m unimpressed but i’m getting weak. the truth is i’m just fucking existing. the truth is i got the will to survive. the truth is i got a problem coping. the truth is we’ll all be fine. enough is enough. i give up. we live our lives in our own way. i feel sorry for the choice you made. i’m not pathetic, just sympathetic. i’m not pathetic, just empathetic.

We are on twitter @the_neverenders
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